TULIP is transitioning to GatherGuard. If your city used TULIP in the past, contact LMCIT Operations Manager Laura Honeck at lhoneck@thefurryfam.com or (651) 281-1280 so individuals and groups can begin using the new GatherGuard program.

Minnesota cities often allow individuals and groups to use or rent municipal-owned facilities. Sometimes, though, the city and event organizer may be sued if someone is injured at the event. Regardless of the merit, these claims can be time consuming and costly.

To help cities avoid these situations, the Trust offers a program called GatherGuard, an event liability insurance program, which allows individual hosts and groups to protect themselves and their guests at events held at city-owned facilities. Members can offer GatherGuard to event hosts at no additional cost to the city.


When an individual or group asks to use or rent a city facility, members will:

  • Share that inexpensive liability insurance can be purchased online through GatherGuard.
  • Provide the individual or group a copy of the GatherGuard传单, which includes instructions on how to purchase event insurance.
  • Encourage the individual or group to visit the GatherGuard网站 to complete a brief application, 生成一个引用, and purchase the event insurance with a credit card.

After an event host purchases coverage, a copy of the insurance certificate is emailed to the event host and to the member. The member is automatically named as an additional insured.

还记得, GatherGuard is only meant for events on city property that are held by private individuals or groups. If the city is sponsoring an event, it will generally be covered by its liability coverage through the Trust, although there are exclusions for specific types of events or activities, such as rodeos and demolition derbies. 见第二节.T, Special events, of the LMCIT Liability Coverage Guide (pdf) for more information.


The cost for GatherGuard is based upon the type of event, number of people attending, 事件的长度, and several other factors. Event hosts and members can go to the GatherGuard网站 and generate quotes (there’s no obligation to purchase the insurance).


GatherGuard provides private individuals and groups with up to $5 million in liability coverage for special events held on member property, 如:

  • 婚礼
  • 节日
  • 招聘会
  • 音乐会
  • Club events and meetings
  • Arts and crafts fairs
  • 团聚

Liquor liability coverage is also available through GatherGuard.

GatherGuard program information

—Download the GatherGuard传单 (pdf)
—Visit the GatherGuard网站

澳门网络娱乐游戏平台 for city special events